Key to success:

Our experienced team focused and well defined long range goals. We planned to develop a flexible growth for our company and for our clients as well. Our Experienced staff providing best support and services in the industrial sector. Our well equipped staff targeting the services for our valuable clients i.e Unique Marketing approach, on a reasonable cost and also for new startup.

Think Big and Act Small:

Although we have the large company but we take care for our customers and employees like a family.


Azhar Khan


Mr. Azhar Khan the President and Chief Executive Officer of SASA Packaging has made Company’s main purpose, to solve complex facility and packaging related challenges, is what company aspire to do in a broad, enduring sense. This purpose has been evident since the establishment of our company when our founder Mr. Azhar Khan set out to build a premium quality packaging service providing company.

Our CEO’s believe is that the values we share are embodied in what goes on at SASA from day to day. Team members must exhibit ethical and honest behavior, and SASA must offer fair, equal conduct in a safe, healthy workplace. In such an environment, sound decision making and effective strategies flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.
The SASA business model is our platform for success. When it comes to defining and communicating a company’s vision and goals, conciseness is a virtue.
We continuously focus on:

  • Quality – exceptional quality delights our customers and is essential to customer growth and retention.
  • Service – at SASA, service is not simply a concept. It’s how we develop and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Innovation – it is the driving force behind our long term growth.
  • Peak performance – our commitment is to prepare as individuals and as a company to do our best.

We also make corporate responsibility a top priority. Our reputation for corporate integrity attracts great team members, great customers, and even greater opportunities. It is a key to our long-term success. We thrive to deliver product value and outstanding customer service to clients who can count on us to carry out our promises. Our staff and executive team at SASA are regularly assessing and reviewing our clients’ needs, the solutions we offer, and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

As a leader in the Design and Packaging industry, specializing in food packaging, our team is committed to maximizing client satisfaction through innovative and value added product delivery. We take pride in selecting the right teams to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our clients. Our leadership in this industry is directly attributable to our talented staff’s dedicated attention to our clients’ needs and executing effective solutions to achieve success.

Looking to the future, and our next stage of growth, it is important to remember what first inspired this company to succeed. Our Director Marketing Mr. Muhammad Waleed bin Faisal, set the example for us to follow with his passion for excellence in service, superior quality workmanship, and his zest for life. That passion remains the lifeblood of this company and continues to translate into tremendous success.

Nisar Ahmad Khan
General Manager,
Mob: +92 301 8616541

Nisar Ahmed Khan, has vast experience in the field of Management and customer dealing, he has done various valuable projects of SASA-Packaging, He is also right hand of our CEO and in his absence he is the major decision maker.

M. Ali Khan
Executive of Marketing
Mob: +92 301 4224266

M. Ali Khan is the senior Executive of Marketing, he knows how to market the company services to our customers, He has been working from last 3 years in this key post. Our company has trust on his abilities.

Mission statement:

SASA Packaging will distribute and support only the highest quality services and products. With this as our primary mission, we will work closely with our valued clients to establish solid business relationships within the local market, and in the international market as well. Today's client is seeking the most cost-effective alternatives while expecting the best possible products and services. 15 years of business experience in the Management of Industrial distribution and Tooling Industries.

Our Principles:

Taking care of business partners We are very focused on taking care for business partners and their satisfaction. Rather than that we set goals for our customers, monitoring progress and develop improvements goals for customer's